fulfilment & Storage pricing

Our aim at Turret Two is to create a long term business relationship with you to ensure your business grows in a sustainable way. As such we have structured our pricing in such a way to make it transparent and easy to calculate. And with no hidden costs you can easily calculate your on-going storage and fulfilment expenses to ensure you remain profitable. 

The costs are split into five areas - listing creation, storagefulfilment, postage and returns. Please note prices may be subject to VAT at 20%.

listing creation

To allow us to store and fulfill your orders, product listings need to be created on our back-office admin system. Once we have created your on-line account this is something you can manage yourself at no charge either adding products singularly or in bulk using a CSV upload.


However if you would prefer Turret Two to create your listings the following charges apply:

£5.50 per product (up to 6 variants)

£0.30 for each additional variant

Our warehouse product verification system uses barcodes to identify, locate, pick and pack and add inventory. If your products do not carry brand barcodes we will allocate a barcode to the product and apply a label for the following charges:

**The barcodes applied are official GS1 EANs and as such can be used to list your product on 3rd Party Platforms including Amazon and eBay**


Our storage charges are based on the amount and type of storage you require and on a per week basis

Per box - £1.10 per week

Per shelf (up to 3 boxes)- £1.95 per week

Per bay of 5 shelves (up to 15 boxes) - £2.75 per week

Per pallet (up to 20 boxes) - £3.85 per week

Please be aware that although we will use the storage space as efficiently as possible, that to maintain the efficiency of the warehouse that it may be necessary to spread your stock more widely. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this in more detail and to get an accurate storage quote.


Fulfilment is the process of picking, packing and dispatching your orders. Once you have uploaded your orders to our admin system they will be picked and packed. You will be able to monitor this via your Turret Two admin account watching the status of your orders changing in real time. 

Picking and packing is charged at both a per order and per item basis depending on the number of items in your order.

£2.20 per order up to 3 items

£0.55 for each additional item

Packaging - Turret Two will provide standard grey mail bags or boxes with which to package your orders. If you require specific or branded packaging this is to be provided by yourself. Please note that if your products have specific packaging requirements (such as delicate or perishable items) additional charges may be applied depending on the additional time involved in packing the order. If you have such items please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Marketing Materials - Any marketing materials that you wish to be included in with your orders are to be provided by yourself. Please note additional charges may be applied depending on the additional time involved in packing the order. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 


We are happy to accept customer returns, checking the product's condition based on your specifications and adding the stock back onto your inventory if required. 

but if all that hasn't convinced you that fulfilment at turret two is the right choice to take your business to the next level, contact us and we can further discuss your requirements.

£0.05 per barcode required

£0.02 per label


Turret Two have access to a range of postal and courier services from large letter to pallet distribution. We will discuss your requirements and offer you the most appropriate postage solution based on this. Postage is charged at cost. 

£2.20 per return