Our product photography website is live!

We recently launched our brand new website which helps to showcase our commercial photography services. It's a great way to show examples of our ghost mannequin, flatlay and pack shot imagery along with our graphic design work. Here you will also be able to find examples of the marketing GIF's we've created over the last few months.

We try to be as transparent with our pricing as possible so we've included a page showing our photography prices for the most common type of shots and packages we supply, making it easy for potential clients to quickly work out their budgets.

We've also included a simple contact form on the site for any product photography inquiries (these forms come directly to studio@turrettwo.com, which can be used as a direct contact email address as well).

We'll be adding further updates to this blog as we move forward, all related to our commercial photography work but if you have any inquiries in the mean time please don't hesitate to contact us.

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